Choosing Your Kitchen

Differences between Modern and Traditional

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen or if you are designing a new one, you need to decide about the kitchen style that you would like to have. The design has to be one that goes well with your practical requirements, lifestyle and appeals to overall ambience of your home. Sheraton Kitchen is a renowned brand for fitted kitchens and kitchen accessories all over UK. Broadly speaking there are three basic kitchen designs that you can choose from.

  • Shaker
  • Modern
  • Traditional

Shaker Kitchen

A Shaker Kitchen design has clean lines and an elegant look. It is crafted around the theme of simplicity, practicality and exceptional craftsmanship. It has a distinct square shaped in-frame door design and panels. Shaker cabinets are hand painted but they can also be made from solid hardwood like oak and walnut or artificial Laminates. Sheraton kitchens provides you with highly skilled craftsmanship in shaker kitchen design to adjust most seamlessly to your kitchen space and provide you all the modern facilities like modular cabinets, appliances fittings and island unit for maximum functionality.

Storage Solutions 

Sheraton kitchens try to provide maximum storage solutions to you by making their designs innovative, creative and clever to increase maximum space efficiency. A Sheraton shaker kitchen has a lot of customized in-frame door cabinets which minimally protrude into the kitchen space and give a very uniform elegant look to the kitchen. The grass drawer system and the Kessbohmer range used by Sheraton kitchen provide precision and customized utility. The island too can double up as a storage unit as well as a breakfast table.


Sheraton Shaker kitchen comes in many colors like dark, light, mild, ivory or white and have finishes like timber, Natural oak, walnut, gloss stone, painted wood, ivory etc.

Traditional kitchen

The traditional kitchen is the typical kitchen you can come across in old movies, photographs or find it even today in farmhouses or in country side cottages. It has a rustic warm and classic charm to it and so it never goes out of style. Sheraton Traditional kitchen incorporates soft, muted colors like creams, whites, soft grays or greens. The painted wood shows wood grains to preserve the natural look. It usually has a stone, marble or brick on the backsplash and granite countertops.


Sheraton traditional kitchens have lots of paneled doors and open shelving for easy storage and easy access of utensils. Glass fronted furniture-styled display cabinets add to the allure of the traditional style. A storage bench, floor to ceiling plate racks, garages or niches for appliances, Kessbohmer range and grass drawers are some of the unique and creative storage options provided by Sheraton Kitchens for a traditional design.


The Sheraton traditional kitchens come in soft pale colors like whites, creams, grays and greens and with finishes like Craftsmen oak, wood framed walnut, Edwardian Buttermilk and painted, Ivory in-frame etc.

Modern kitchens

Modern kitchen cabinet style has a sleek space-age look with main emphasis on esthetics, practicality and space efficiency. Sheraton modern kitchens are characterized with heavy usage of straight-line steel or high gloss laminate designs in contrasts of black and white or in dash of bright colors.


Sheraton Modern kitchen designs are most innovative and have extremely smart storage systems. Sheraton kitchen storage solutions for modern kitchen are plenty from dedicated modular cabinets to grass drawers, Kessbohmer range, pull out shelves and racks, counter top stands, Built-in spaces for appliances etc. Sheraton Modern kitchen usually has an “island” that is saddled between the living and the cooking space and this place may serve as breakfast bar or a food preparation area also.


The most common finishes of Sheraton modern kitchen include laminated wood, veneer, shiny stainless steel, ivory and high gloss. The colors can be from soft to bright and in various contrasts. The surfaces of Sheraton Modern kitchen cabinets and slabs are well polished and glossy.

Pick your style

Whatever is your home ambience, you will find Sheraton kitchens come up with the most stunning solutions of exceptional craftsmanship. Whether it is a traditional look or a sleek modern look, Sheraton kitchens will be able to provide you solutions in every possible color and finish. The storage solutions provided are extremely innovative and state-of-the-art and most importantly, tailor-made to suit your individual needs.